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Speeding Things Up

In the latest MotionBend 1.5 we have completely rewritten our motion analysis module. The basic method is more or less the same but we have switched to newer, faster techniques; we have investigated and implemented several speed ups in areas that are traditionally slow; we have optimized code, made short cuts, streamlined data flow and we’ve improved our formats for faster data access.

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Stabilizing Captioned Video

Recently there was a nice article on regarding testing stabilization plugins for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. The videos from that test were published to YouTube so I thought it would be interesting to see how MotionBend’s output compared to the other products - using content thought to be objectively suitable for testing.

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The State of UHDTV

In the last 12 months 4K video has been a hot topic. There are now a range of cameras that can capture professional quality 4K video and there are various 4K monitors and TVs, the majority of which support the 3840×2160 flavor of 4K. You can even capture 4K video on smart phones and compact cameras.

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Testing El Capitan

We’ve been testing MotionBend on MacOS X 10.11 El Capitan. We didn’t expect any problems because we knew we weren’t using any system components that changed with 10.11.

As always, seeing is believing, so here’s a screenshot of MotionBend on El Capitan:

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